Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nurturing Friendships

Let's do a little friendship evaluation. Do you have nurturing friends? I don’t mean good friends, or even close friends. I mean really truly nurturing friends. Ones that enrich and enhance your life, leaving you feeling lighter and somehow more spiritually and emotionally connected.
If you're anything like me, you can probably come up with a laundry list of people that don't fit this description. I am the queen of nostalgia. I cling to what was and could have been. This often means I carry on with relationships and bonds  that no longer serve me. Or, worse yet, ones that never served me in the first place (the word toxic comes to mind). The real task, at least for me, is purging my life of these non-nurturing relationships.
On my quest to find what makes me feel content, I am realizing nurturing relationships are the ones I truly need in life. I need people that help me feel energized and empowered. 
Fortunately, I have been blessed with some relationships like this already. My next steps are to invest more energy in growing these nurturing connections and to let go of the non-nurturing ones. I also need to work on being a nurturing, energizing person in return.
My challenge to you: try re-evaluating your relationships. Are you the kind of person that lifts others up? Do you nurture, respect, and empower the people in your life? And do they nurture you in return?