Thursday, February 6, 2014

Too Much STUFF

There's some exciting things happening for Papa Bear, Baby Bear and me. I can't discuss the details yet, but I will say we have been taking inventory of our life a lot lately. And we have noticed that we have a LOT of STUFF. I don't know how we managed to take what used to fit in a one-bedroom apartment and fill a three-bedroom house. IN LESS THAN A YEAR. But here we are, with more stuff than we could ever need. So, bit by bit, room by room (and let's be honest - "organizer" bin by "organizer" bin) we are on a quest to sell, trade, and donate most of our possessions. 

This quest got me thinking - what's up with all this stuff, and how did we fall "victim" to such consumerism is such a short amount of time? Well, we NEEDED it, DUH. Psh. But seriously, I truly think we should all take inventory of how we contribute to the cycle of STUFF, and how it's impacting our world.

Here's a GREAT (short) film about STUFF: