Friday, January 31, 2014

Soapless - Week 2

Quick update: 

Hair: my hair no longer feels dirty or greasy. It keeps volume. Interestingly, it also keeps it's "shape" a bit - like I used hairspray or mousse. My scalp has felt a bit dry, but that could also be the dry air (everyone in these parts seems to have dry, cracked skin). Also, my hair is definitely frizzier/more staticky.

Body: Still don't notice a difference. Still a bum about making the deodorant :(

Face: I've still been terrible about making the cleanse a twice a day routine. So, yes there are still the occasional zits. But, my face is definitely softer and not so dry. And it feels cleaner. (Example, I'm one of those people that by the end of the day my nose felt so grimy I could fry food on it, but not anymore!)