Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soapless - Week 1

It has been a week! My hair is definitely not oily after a day anymore. However, I've noticed more static, so we will see how the rest of the weeks go.

Papa Bear informed me that I don't smell, so I guess no soap is working. I do have to admit that I used a Norwex body washcloth a few times! I love the olive/coconut oil face "cleanser." My face feels soft and clean at the same time. I have a few bumps that have popped up, but I'm attributing that to being lazy and not cleaning my face for a few days.

And the pits - I admit I have yet to make the deodorant. In my defense, I already had a jar of coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil, so I've been using that.

Overall, so far I don't notice much difference between using and not using soaps and shampoos. BUT I think that's defense enough to not use them. After all, if they don't make a difference, I might as well choose the cheaper, non-toxic option!