Monday, December 30, 2013

BOOK: Birthing From Within

I loved reading this book while I was pregnant! Through various activities, expectant parents are encouraged to explore the emotional, psychological, and spiritual side of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. (I should note that I didn't do most of the writing exercises, but it was still a great read. And, the author points out that not every method is for every person, so I suppose I'm fine!)

The author, England, is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife who teaches birthing classes. This book outlines her holistic approach, research to support her views, and various methods she uses with expectant parents. 

This book really helped me feel empowered throughout my pregnancy and going into childbirth. I liked that it presented birthing as a right of passage - and something I could look forward to rather than fear. England also offers techniques to help with labor pain, advice for working with your health care provider, and ways partners can - and should - be involved in the process. 

Pick it up on amazon: Birthing from Within